Experience our innovative training system.

We've developed a learning system that uses the power of the internet to enable officers to learn and interact online. Because our training is online, there are no travel expenses, saving your department money. Here's how it works:

  • Our courses are internet based and instructor led. Each course is scheduled over specified dates.

  • Our courses are more than watching a series of videos online. Students are required to complete assignments and exercises for each module to ensure the transfer of training.

  • Each week our instructors encourage student interaction through discussions and other assignments.

  • Course instructors monitor student activity carefully. The training is designed to challenge students in a way that helps them retain the information.

Challenging Online

Training for Police Officers

Over the last several years, the internet has helped the training industry expand beyond belief. Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other educational institutions have developed online training curriculum. Slowly, the law enforcement community has moved toward providing online training for officers. Generally, the training consists of watching a series of videos online with little to no training retention. We've adopted some of the same online learning methods used by colleges and universities to ensure officers attending our training actually learn something.
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Online Training That Engages Officers

in a way that facilitates learning retention.

  • Certified Instructors

    Our instructors are experienced in teaching online curriculum. They use effective adult learning methods to challenge and engage officers.

  • Very Affordable

    Because our training is online, we save agencies money on travel expenses. Officers learn from the comfort of their home or office, so there are no hotel, transportation, and food expenses.

  • New Learning System

    We've developed a unique learning system that enables officers to learn and interact with other officers from around the nation and world.

What our students are saying

about our online course

by Patrol Officer from Chattanooga PD

"I enjoyed the class..."

by Patrol Officer from Chattanooga PD

"The course was very well put together, instructor was knowledgeable and class was the right level of participation. I enjoyed the class and would recommend the class to my peers."
by Patrol Officer from Fayette County S.O.

"I've been thoroughly impressed..."

by Patrol Officer from Fayette County S.O.

"I've been thoroughly impressed with this course. I'm no seasoned instructor by any means, but as someone who does have a bit of professional experience teaching, there were a lot of new concepts that I had never been exposed to. Great class.
by Sergeant from Chattanooga PD

"I did not have any training on instructor development."

by Sergeant from Chattanooga PD

Before taking this course I did not have any training on instructional development... I left with a toolbox of knowledge to go out into my department with the tools to teach a class."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do students have to be online at specific times?

    Yes and no. Our courses are instructor lead and are broken down into weekly modules. As long as you can complete the assignments by the deadline indicated in the course, your time online is up to you. Some instructors may have specific times they'll be available via chatrooms. These chats are optional and are meant as an opportunity for you to discuss assignments and receive additional instruction.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    Generally, our classes are 5 weeks long with assignments, lectures, exercises, and more due each week. Students should expect to spend 8 hours per week on course work. The advantage of online training is students can take as little or as much time as they need to learn the week's material prior to the module deadline.

  • Can I work ahead so I can finish sooner?

    No. The instructors will lead the class of students through the material one week (module) at a time. Each module becomes available upon completion of the previous module. You'll only have access to the course information one module at a time.

  • How will I be graded for my work?

    In general, you'll receive credit for participation in discussions, as well as your grades on weekly tests, assignments, and exercises. A score of 80% or better is required to pass the course.

  • How do I contact an instructor for help?

    Our instructors will be available for you to contact via email throughout the course. Simply email them describing the problem you're experiencing and they will help you.

  • What if I can't complete an assignment on time?

    You're responsible for managing your time so the course deadlines are met. During the 5 week course, it's suggested you login daily to complete course work in smaller sections rather than waiting and trying to do it all at once. Your instructor will work with you throughout the course to keep you on track with course assignments.